Porsche of Ocala offers the premier Passport 9500 CI for its discriminating customers with a fully integrated
"factory like" installation by Porsche Certified Technicians, who understand the needs of the car and the customers for a high quality professional result.

The Escort/Passport 9500ci incorporates a long list of innovations that represent the most significant leap forward in radar detector design ever. All of those innovations center around the addition of GPS technology. By adding GPS technology to a radar detector, many new features become possible including:

True Lock Filtering* - By adding GPS location information to Escort's digital signal processor, the 9500ci can memorize the exact frequency and location of false radar sources when prompted by the user. Once memorized, the 9500ci will ignore those specific false alarms on subsequent passes though their location. This makes the 9500ci more selective and less intrusive than any detector ever made.
Adaptive Signal Processing* (Auto Mode) - By knowing your vehicle's actual speed, the sensitivity of the 9500ci can be attenuated when moving slowly. We don't really need 1 mile of range when moving across a parking lot at 15 mph. Below 45 mph, the 9500ci reacts with reduced sensitivity, further improving its selectivity.
Auto Learn / Unlearn* - A simple but brilliant companion to True Lock, Auto Learn and Auto Unlearn will watch for repeated false signals. When it sees the same frequency in the same place three times in a row, it automatically memorizes it as a false alarm and lets True Lock take over. Pass that location once with that signal absent and it automatically unlocks the combination. This makes the 9500ci the most intuitive and easy to use detector on the market. Set it, forget it and focus on the next set of turns.
*True Lock, Auto Mode and Auto Learn/Unlearn work only on X and K band because Ka band is almost always a speed trap and Ka radar guns represent the highest radar risk. Brilliant..!
Auto Mute & Smart Mute - Auto Mute automatically reduces alert volume after 10 seconds. Smart Mute keeps the detector quiet by delivering only two alert tones followed by silence if you're moving at less than 20 mph. These two features make the few false signals that do get through easy to deal with.
Speed Alert - Because the 9500ci knows your speed, it can easily share this info in its display window when under attack, providing users with one central and easy place to look for all needed information under such conditions (mph or km/h).
Traffic Camera Defense - Knowing a vehicle's location makes yet another dimension of protection possible. By comparing your location with a database of registered traffic cameras, the 9500ci can warn you about nearby red light and speed cameras (coming to an intersection near you soon). These threats use sensors in the pavement to calculate your speed which makes them invisible to conventional radar detectors. The 9500ci comes with a 3 year subscription to database updates. They are easily downloaded from the internet and uploaded to the detector through a USB port.
Dual Horn M3 Antenna - Because of the 9500ci’s new found ability to limit false signals, the Escort engineers were allowed and encouraged to let the sensitivity genie out of the bottle. They created and equipped the 9500ci with a new hyper sensitive dual aperture antenna designated the 'M3'. This antenna provides the 9500ci with incredible sensitivity, sensitivity that surpasses that of every other radar detector on the market (according to my research and many side by side comparisons done by the members of, an online forum like this one dedicated to radar/laser technology). The M3 equipped detectors also happen to be the only detectors on the planet that are completely invisible to all available radar detector detectors.
Multifunction Pilot Display - Escort provides several different pilot display modes (what's displayed when not under attack). Beyond the expected radar detector status, the 9500ci can display your actual speed in mph or km/h, or it can display true vehicle voltage. Since our 987s don't have a voltage meter, the voltage option provides a nice bonus feature.
ZR-4 Lidar Detection & Shifting - The 9500i includes Escort's ZR-4 front & rear Lidar (Laser) Shifting (Jamming) technology that makes small cars like the Cayman completely invisible to lidar guns. This is the only truly effective way to buy time against the laser guns that are growing in popularity so quickly.

High performance radar detection, laser detection, laser shifting and traffic camera warning all in one package. The 9500ci is indisputably the most complete electronic counter measure package available. No other product even comes close. In fact, you'd have to mix three or more competing products and you'd still be missing many of the benefits that make the 9500ci great.

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